CJ advises the youth to make optimum use of technology

A section of the children

A section of the children

THE Lady Chief Justice, Justice Sophia Akuffo has entreated the youth to make optimum use of modern technology to tap useful knowledge to help their future development goals, without allowing technology to enslave them with foul information.

She was speaking at a special mentoring programme for pupils and students from selected basic and senior schools in the Ho municipality on Wednesday.

The Lady Chief Justice’s Special Mentoring Programme aims at exposing young people to the functions of the Judiciary and to the administration of Justice in Ghana, as well as imbuing them with the virtues of patriotism and selfless service to the nation.

The event was under the theme: “I Pledge Myself to the Service of Ghana.”

Justice Sophia Akuffo pointed out that tapping vast information from the internet, for instance, may serve no purpose if it offered no viable knowledge to support one’s academic pursuits.

For instance, she sought to know how pornographic materials accessed on the internet could help a student to become a useful citizen in future.

“Your future is now, so study diligently now towards a bright future, with the virtues of courage, kindness, honesty, communal spirit, obedience and all the other good qualities,” she told the students and pupils.

Justice Sophia Akuffo also touched on the issue of sanitation and urged the youth to embrace proper ways of disposing rubbish to ensure that future generations become inheritors and not just survivors.

She called on the youth to build a strong spirit of nationalism and focus on service to Ghana as their prime objective.

“As you grow, let your greatest pride be your quality of service to your country,” the Lady Chief Justice added.

Earlier, Mr John Nelson Akorli, the Ho Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) observed that there was the need to whip up the spirit of voluntary community service in the youth of today, to enable them to live up to their social responsibilities and also prepare them for the future.

The Volta Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Yao Letsa commended Justice Sophia Akuffo her mentoring programme for the children, saying it was definitely a great inspiration to the future leaders of the country.

The participating senior high schools included Agotime Ziope, Tanyigbe, Taviefe, Adaklu SHSs and Abutia Senior High Technical School.

The selected basic schools were Hodzokofe RC Primary and JHS, Klefe Achatime E.P. Primary and JHS, Taviefe Aviefe RC Primary and JHS, Takla Tokor E.P. Basic School and Ziavi Adukope Primary and JHS.



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