City Light introduces new concept of home ownership

A special cocktail evening to further educate new and prospective clients on the concept of the Nova Ridge enclave set within Appolonia-City of Light was held at the Appolonia Offices at North Ridge-Accra.

The event was attended by entrepreneurs, representatives and employees of corporate institutions and prospective investors.

The evening served as a platform to present the concept of ‘buy and build’ to potential clients.

The concept, a departure from the norm in Ghana, affords owners the opportunity to build to their own taste and lifestyle without compromising on quality, available infrastructure, sustainability or security. The end product is obtaining the full benefit of urban life at a comparatively lower cost.

“This event is just the beginning of such interactions with the general public and will be a recurring feature over the course of the year,” said Mr. Anthony Okyere, Director of Appolonia Development Company

“Developments such as the City of Light are vital to the progression of urban Ghana and we are delighted to present Nova Ridge as a unique opportunity in the market,” he said.

Current progress on infrastructure at the City of Light includes the installation of a 33kVa substation and the construction of the Nova Ridge gatehouse. Further work on infrastructure such as roads and sewerage network are well underway.

By Times Reporter

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