Churches must take over management of schools Mama Ametor II

The Paramount Queen of Alavanyo, Mama Ametor II has made a fervent appeal to the orthodox churches to take back the full management of their schools from government to ensure high standards and moral discipline in the institutions.

She described the pending double-tracking system under the free SHS programme as inimical to the education sector, saying, “This is not what we need after 61 years of independence”.

The queen called on the Ghana Education Service and traditional rulers to boldly point out the challenges surrounding the implementation of the double track system which she said did not hold a bright future for the present generation of students.

“If some of them are going to stay at home for three months before going back to the classroom then we can only expect more teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and crime as among teenagers,” Mama Ametor stated.

She insisted that free education should rather be in the area of Technical Education and Vocation Training (TVET) since the sector had been identified as key to transforming the economy.

Mama Ametor said that free SHS without standard and discipline would not benefit any national cause, adding that the “timing of the programme was ill”.

“We need the requisite infrastructure first to ensure the smooth running of the programme and not for our children to be sleeping in the corridors and in flower beds in the boarding houses,” she maintained.

Mama Ametor recalled that there was a high sense of moral and academic discipline when the churches were in full control of their schools and said that at present “even the teachers in the classrooms do not know what they are supposed to teach the children”.

For years, Mama Ametor said that the churches had partnered government in all development matters especially in the areas of health and education.

However, the queen noted that some of the hospitals and schools rather deteriorated when government took over their full management.

“Our churches must now come together and adopt a strategy to take back their schools and manage them efficiently and save them from total collapse,” Mama Ametor maintained.


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