Christians blamed for rising corruption… Majority are not upright, says Presby Clerk

Rev.Dr Ayete-Nyampong (inset) addressing the congregation

Rev.Dr Ayete-Nyampong (inset) addressing the congregation

The Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Samuel Ayete-Nyampong, who has observed that corruption is on the ascendency because majority of Christians who constitute more than half of the nation’s population are not upright.

He said though Christians, were admonished by the Bible to be honest, faithful and sincere, they rather chose to satisfy their personal interests in their dealings with society without recourse to biblical moral standards.

Speaking on the theme; Our sincerity, to God’s work shall be rewarded at the 25th anniversary of the Ascension Presbyterian Church of Ghana at North Legon, Accra, Rev. Dr.Ayete-Nyampong said churches had become avenues for showmanship, instead of a sacred place to imbibe discipline, commitment and sincerity in the public towards national development.

“Many claim to be Christians but have failed to practise the teachings of the Bible which entreat believers to eschew corruption. As a result, the church has become a place of showmanship as people go there to show off their dresses and dancing skills, instead of paying attention to sound doctrines,” he said.

Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyame said sincerity was supposed to be the principal character trait in Christians which should be easily noticeable in their dealings with society.

According to him, most Christians had failed in demonstrating righteousness and holiness in public service and rather joined the bandwagons of dishonest public servants who entered the public service to amass wealth for themselves.

He, therefore, called on Christians to arise to the call for holy, sincere and righteous living while spearheading the need for a change in public duty.

“Society wants a change. Its cry for corruption to be uprooted from the system is loud; therefore Christians should be sensitive to this call and respond by first ensuring that they do not practise corruption or condone it,” he said.

Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong also took a swipe at pastors who neglect their responsibility of teaching moral doctrines in church, saying “it is wrong for pastors to enrich themselves by extorting moneys from their congregations without teaching them the word of God”.

He noted that most pastors, who performed miracles hand the sole objective of enriching themselves rather than building the morals of the public adding, “This is shown in the manner of sermons preached by such pastors on radio and television as well as the many billboards that have their large photographs”.

He urged Christian leaders to demonstrate high commitment to the work of God and avoid practices that dented their image.

By Charles Amankwa

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