‘Christian Council won’t be silenced’

Rev.Dr.Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong,General Secretary of Christian Council

Rev.Dr.Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong,General Secretary of Christian Council

The Christian Council of Ghana has reiterated its commitment to speak out on issues affecting the welfare of Ghanaians.

Speaking in an interview on Joynews, the General Secretary of the Council, the Reverend Opuni Frimpong, said “irrespective of attacks the church suffers at the hands of both the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), it will not be intimidated and will always demand the best for the country”.

“The church will not be cowed into silence on key matters,” he stated adding that its considerable contributions toward good governance in the Fourth Republic could be attested to by all Ghanaians.

Rev. Frimpong was commenting on public reactions to the statement by the outgoing Moderator of the Church of Ghana, Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey that he rejected an offer of $100,000, a 4×4 vehicle and a luxurious house at Trasacco Valley fitted with swimming pool, by politicians so that he would stop speaking on national issues.

Following that, some political actors have advised the church to distance itself from politics and rather concentrate on spiritual matters.

Even though he agreed the interface between religion and politics should be clearly defined, Rev. Frimpong said the church would not countenance bad decisions with huge ramifications for the country.

He said under the Kufuor administration, the church came under attack from elements within the NPP for resisting the decision to have Religious and Moral Education taken out of the nation’s educational curriculum.

“The Catholic Bishops Conference and the Christian Council disagreed and was attacked,” he said, adding that depending on which clergyman was involved in such criticisms “they get all manner of attacks”.

Rev. Frimpong wondered why politicians, with the help of the media, would insult the church for being critical of some governance decisions, “but the same people would be silent when the church says good things about the government”.

He urged Christians and their leaders to learn to “treat politicians not as our enemies or outsiders,” but as members of the family.

Meanwhile, the Deputy General Secretary, of the NDC, Koku Anyidoho, has chided Rev. Prof. Martey, accusing him of doing the bidding of the opposition NPP.

According to Mr. Anyidoho, the former Presby Moderator’s bribery allegation was nothing short of NPP propaganda, adding that “the NDC will, henceforth, deal with Prof. Martey as an NPP propagandist.

“The NDC knows that Professor Martey is doing propaganda for the opposition party,” Mr.  Anyidoho said in an interview with Accra FM.

He in turn asked the outgoing Moderator to respond to the allegation of receiving bribery from the NPP levelled against him by the former Public Relations Officer of the church.

“The allegation is damning, and as a leader of the revered Presby Church, he must come out to clear his name quickly,” he added.

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