Chinese business operators asked to support Ghana’s economy

Mr. Hong speaking to journalists after the inauguration

Mr. Hong speaking at the inauguration

The newly elected President of the Chinese community in the country, Mr. Tang Hong has advised Chinese businessmen in the country to remain focus on exploring business ventures to support the country’s developmental agenda.

According to him, the peace and security in the country represent an enabling environment that allows businesses to thrive and urged them to collaborate to advance and realise the economic benefits.

Mr. Hong made these remarks yesterday in an interview with The Ghanaian Times on the sidelines of an inauguration ceremony to welcome him into office.

The Ghana Association of Chinese Societies, Ghana- Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China in Ghana are three associations that make up the Chinese community in the country.

Mr. Hong, a resident of the country for 21 years, noted that Ghana was a law abiding, democratic and peaceful country with a people of warmth hospitability and asked Chinese residents here to also observe the laws to make their stay a profitable one.

On his new plans of supporting the growth of Chinese businesses in the country, Mr. Hong said he was establishing a new structure that would focus on identifying profitable business ventures which needs investments and uptake.

On the political fronts, Mr. Hong advised his fellow countrymen to stay neutral in the political space and remain businessmen and investors, with the sole aim of setting up businesses and creating employment to boost the Ghanaian economy.

Mr. Hong stressed that in the interim, the group was focused on strengthening and building a strong relationship with Ghanaians, so that together as partners, they could improve the lives of the people.

President of Ghana China Friendship Association (GHACHIFA), Kojo Amoo-Gottfried, congratulated the President for his new role and urged for collaboration between the Chinese community and GHACHIFA to push the friendship agenda between the two countries.

By Claude Nyarko Adams

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