China: We’re apolitical

A former Chinese envoy to Africa, Cheng Tao, has observed that China cannot be blamed for Africans electing leaders who cannot get them better deals.

He blamed Africans for voting for corrupt governments leaving them with no choice but to work with the elected government.

According to him, “so far as the government has legitimacy, China will work with them, and it will be up to Africans to elect leaders who can get them better deals”.

Chinese officials have defended their government for working with allegedly corrupt African governments since China did not have a choice as it is not responsible for selecting the governments.

Mr Tao was responding to questions from African journalists at the recently ended 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

China is becoming unpopular following its agreements with some African countries which are unfavourable to the continent.

Contributing, Liu Guijin said, “An African friend told me their government is extremely corrupt, how come you’re still involved with them? Our government has asked the Chinese government to build a bridge and a hospital, but the Chinese government shouldn’t help them.

“I told him – you voted for the government, it’s the only government we can deal with but the bridge and the hospital are not built for the president or officials but are for the common people, I think this is another perspective that can be considered when looking at issues.

“China’s engagement in Africa is focused on its people and we do not give our money to alleged corrupt governments or officials,” Mr Guijin stressed. –


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