China re-affirms commitment to Africa’s peace, devt

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has re-affirmed his country’s commitment towards the attainment of peace and development in Africa, despite the world economic downturn.

He said that the relationship between China and African countries in pursuing unity and win-win cooperation would be sustained.

President Xi gave the assurance in a congratulatory letter, read on his behalf at the Coordinators’ Meeting on the Implementation of the Follow-up Actions of the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), held in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

President Xi stated that China and African countries, would take steps to implement the outcomes of the FOCAC summit.

He said “Over the past six months, China and Africa have worked together to overcome the negative impact of the sluggish world economy, reached consensus on jointly implementing the outcomes of the summit and achieved tangible results, showing the dynamic development of China-Africa cooperation.”

President Xi said  “by pooling wisdom and strength and advancing their friendship and cooperation, China and Africa will make sure that the results of the summit will benefit their 2.4 billion people of China and Africa in a more expeditious and equitable manner”.

The State Councilor, Yang Jiechi, stated that 243 agreements on projects worth $50.725 billion had been signed between China and her African counterparts, which include $46 billion Chinese direct investment in commercial loans to African states, which accounted for 91 per cent of the total value of the agreement.

“The commitment of African countries toward seeking strength from unity and to African integration has gathered irreversible momentum. Agenda 2063, a blueprint for development, has been drawn and industrialisation and modernisation have become the common goals of African countries,” he said.

Mr. Yang also said that China and Africa would pursue common, intensive, green, safe and open development agenda together.

He said that China would ensure that its projects in Africa generated economic and social benefits in line with the standard of sustainable development.

“We will plan and implement major infrastructure projects in tandem with industrial cooperation and development in Africa, work to transform and upgrade China-Africa cooperation, support Africa’s accelerated industrialisation and agricultural modernisation, and help Africa realise independent and sustainable development,” Mr. Yang.

FOCAC is a platform established by China and friendly African countries for collective consultation, dialogue and cooperation between developing countries, which fall into the category of South-South cooperation.

The meeting, which was attended by more than 100 ministers and other delegates from Africa, discussed steps taken by African countries and their Chinese counterpart to implement the consensus reached at the FOCAC summit in Johannesburg, last December.

The summit was to upgrade China-Africa relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership level, and China’s support for 10 major cooperation projects in Africa within a three-year period with a $60 billion funding pledge.

The projects would involve industrialisation, agricultural modernisation, infrastructure, financial services, green development, trade and investment facilitation, poverty reduction and public welfare, public health, people-to-people exchanges, and peace and security.

From David O. Yarboi-Tetteh, Beijing

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