‘Children need guidance to avoid waywardness’’

The founder and leader of Open Dove Children Foundation (ODOCEF), Evangelist Joseph Amoako Ansah has stated that children need to be guided, advised and counselled, especially in their transition period, to avoid waywardness.

He said  “Instead of allowing them to go to leavers jams and involve themselves in other social vices they should be brought together and invite counsellors, educationists, role models and pastors to pray and interact with them in order to support them to take up leadership roles.

Evangelist Ansah was speaking at the foundation’s annual programme for all junior high school (JHS) and senior high school (SHS) graduates in the Kpando Municipal, on the theme: ‘Ebenezer praise 2018 – transition from childhood to adulthood’.

He said that for the past four years he has been organising such programmes for JHS and SHS graduates the moment they finish writing their final examinations, to keep them occupied, and focused, to be able to face challenges as they climb the academic ladder.

In a speech delivered on behalf of the Kpando Municipal Director of Education, Joshua Gbagdago, Human Resource Director of the Kpando Education Directorate, noted that transition from childhood to adulthood was critical to human development, during which children leave behind childish behaviour and take up responsibility of adults, acquiring new roles and responsibilities.

“Changing from childhood is a period of physical, social, psychological and biological transitions, to a large extent a period that involves emotional challenges because of major decisions that needs to be taken at the period of the transition.

“The child at this level is said to be moving from dependent to independent status where major decisions will be taken to make life successful, whether the life of a person will be successful depends largely on certain factors.

“They include education, employment, independent life, economic self – sufficiency and good religious background to nuture their life to become adults which depend on how successful they grow through formative years,” Mr Gbagdago noted.

The Peace Ambassador, Elliot Hillary Dogbe, said the transition into adulthood was impossible without peace.

The motivational speaker, J.A Rami, advised the youth to always take right decisions, to avoid stalling their smooth progression to adulthood and future leadership.

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