Chief angry with Ghana Gas Company

•   Dr. Sipa Yankey, CEO of Ghana Gas Company

• Dr. Sipa Yankey, CEO of Ghana Gas Company

A chief in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region, has expressed disappointment at the inability of Ghana Gas Company (GCC) to improve the livelihoods of surrounding communities.

Nana Avo Blay V, chief of Anokyi, said the establishment of the gas plant and laying of pipelines into the sea had virtually deprived the people of their livelihoods and some of them had not received compensation for their crops destroyed.

Nana Avo Blah was speaking to a group of journalists from the Institute of Financial and Economic Journalists (IFEJ), during a visit to frontline communities.

The chief claimed that no prior notice was given before the land was cleared for the project, and no proper negotiations were carried out.

There are also no job opportunities for the people.

Nana Avo Blay said: “If they are not going to give even menial jobs to our people, then we want a share in terms of royalties from the Gas Company to develop ourselves.

“The community would soon demonstrate to drum home our disappointment,” he warned.

Nana Avo Blay said “when all attempts to get the attention of the Ghana Gas fails then, the gods will be invoked to cease the flow of the natural substance”.

The team also visited the GCC and Quantum Gas, a private common access gas storage station in the area.

At Quantum, IFEJ members were taken around the facility and briefed on the processes in loading a truck.

Alexander Amoaku, General Manager of Quantum Gas, expressed worry about the lack of safety regulations and regular checks on the LPG trucks.

He said the industry attracted high risk, hence the need for the state machinery to be activated to avoid accidents.

The GCC is hoping to build a load gantry to enable it to store the LPG products.


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