Cherryfield Montessori School holds 5th graduation

Mrs Mabel Cudjoe assisted by Mrs Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu-Atiase to present a certificate to Master Austin Deladem Atiase.

Mrs Mabel Cudjoe assisted by Mrs Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu-Atiase to present a certificate to Master Austin Deladem Atiase.

The Cherryfield Montessori School has held its 5th graduation, speech and prize giving day, with a call on teachers to adapt innovative ways of teaching practice.

The occasion which brought parents to witness their wards performing various cultural dance and poetry, was climaxed with and an award ceremony for pupils who excelled in their academics.

Themed “creativity and innovation: an indispensable tool for nation building” the event was also used to award some teachers for their tremendous dedication to duties.

Speaking at the ceremony held last week Saturday in Accra, The Minister for Tourism, Art and Culture, Madam Catherine Abelema Afeku appealed to teachers to adopt innovative ways of teaching.


She said innovative style of teaching practices helps students to understand better and improve their academic performance.


She explained that innovative style of teaching usually comes in the form of music, poetry dance, and drama among others.

The ministeradded that teaching children to become creative and innovative add strength to their natural abilities which empowers team work, productivity and results in profit where it is appropriate.


“Those who achieve greater heights in the world today are those who are able to combine hard work with their creativity skills.


This is where I will encourage students not to leave any stone unturned and make maximum of their environment and develop every skill possible,” she said.


She appealed to management of educational institutions to employ creativity and innovations to their curricular.

The Proprietress and Chief Executive Officer of Cherryfield, Mrs. Magdalene Adzanu-Atiase said creativity and innovation have become the engine growth and the driving forces for many nations in the world today.


She mentioned Singapore, Malaysia, the United State of America and China as countries that have not undermined creativity and innovation.


She said as a responsible academic institution, managements of the school were doing their best to use creative ways to demystify some subjects that students consider difficult, namely mathematics, science and technology.



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