THE renewed ethnic clashes in Chereponi, in the Northern Region is worrying especially at the time that peace and harmony is returning to Dagbon state, also in the north following the implementation of the road map for peace in the area.

It is our expectation that the implementation of the road map would end all the conflicts associated with the Dagbon chieftaincy and result in total peace and unity in the area.

It is, in this vein that, we are worried that while efforts are being made to bring peace to one area, other areas are in turmoil and innocent lives are being lost.

The escalation of violence in Chereponi that is claiming precious lives and destruction of properties is very disturbing.

As a result of communal conflict, it is reported that residents are fleeing into neighbouring Togo because they feel unsafe. Also, we understand live stock have also not been spared in the renewed ethnic clashes.

As usual, mothers and children who are the vulnerable groups are bearing the brunt of the violence. They form the majority of the displaced residents fleeing into neighboring Togo.

Worse still, hospitals and schools have shut down and the service providers have fled the area. The consequences of the withdrawal of these essential staff is obvious to all.

Undoubtedly, the violence in the area would reverse the clock of progress and development of the area, especially crop production would be affected as farmers flee the area.

This may create food insecurity as food stuff and other agricultural produce have been torched.

Our understanding is that the perennial ethnic clashes in the area is due to land. Indeed, land issues have become sources of conflict due to the fact that majority of the inhabitants are predominantly engaged in agriculture productivity as their source of livelihood.

Although it is a sensitive matter, we urge for restraint and call on the ethnic groups of all sides to stop burning and killing each other in the area. Ghanaian Times believe that the issue are surmountable and can be resolved through dialogue without spilling blood and destruction of property.

We urge the Northern Regional Security Council to be proactive and timely in its response to such situation so that lives would not be lost needlessly. We are aware the area is not easily accessible because of lack of good roads, making it difficult to respond to security breaches.

That notwithstanding, we expect the security agencies to do more to bring the situation under control for the people to go about their normal daily activities in peace.

We urge the security agencies to be fair, firm and resolute in their approach in dealing with the security breaches in the area so that they are not accused of taking sides in the matter.

We also urge the community leaders to use their influence to calm down nerves as well as cooperate with the security agencies and other stakeholders to find lasting solution to the protracted land dispute in the area.


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