Checking Foreigners In Small-Scale Mining

Tony Aubynn, Chief Executive of the Minerals Commission, has made a revelation which should be of concern to all patriotic Ghanaians.

He alleges that some influential people and chiefs are conniving with foreigners to loot the nation’s mineral resources.

Consequently, he has challenged public officials and chiefs to do some soul-searching and take an uncompromising position to act, in the best interest of the country.

The Times shares the frustration of Dr. Aubynn about the nefarious activities of foreigners in the small-scale mining business.

It is a known fact that some of our traditional leaders have sold large portions of arable lands to foreigners to engage in small-scale mining, knowing all too well that small-scale mining is the preserve of the locals.

Because of personal interest, they are ever ready to deprive their people of their legitimate rights.

The selfishness on the part of some of these traditional leaders often leads to friction, resulting in chieftaincy disputes in most communities.

The most worrying aspect is that, these small-scale miners refuse to channel their produce through the Precious Minerals Marketing Company and send them abroad for processing, thus depriving Ghana of the needed revenue.

It is in this light, that The Times associates itself with steps being taken by the Minerals Commission to streamline the small-scale mining operation in the country to ensure that, the business of buying and selling of gold is exclusively in the hands of Ghanaians.

The Times urges the Commission to rigidly enforce the law to ensure that small scale mining is solely in the hands of Ghanaians.

Any officials or chiefs found to be conniving with foreigners to flout the nation’s laws should be brought to book.


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