Chairman of the Christian Council criticises re-introduction of ‘shift system’

The re-introduction of the shift system in schools is a clear indication of the unmitigated corruption and the widespread lack of honesty which have engulfed the Ghanaian society, according to the Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rt. Rev. Dr. S.S. Agidi.

“We see private mansions spring up all over the country and we also see the so-called mega-churches expanding their structures rapidly but we do not have money to build classrooms,” he pointed out.

Rev. Dr. Agidi insisted that in the 21 century and after more than six decades of independence, Ghana should have more classrooms and not a shift system.

The clergyman said that the unending saga of Galamsey and the unchecked depletion of the nation’s forests and other natural resources was the result of the insatiable gluttony for money by individuals and corporate bodies.

He was speaking at the ordination service of seven pastors of the E.P. Church, Ghana, at the Elorm Parish at Ho-Bankoe on Sunday.

The event was under the theme: Jesus – The Great Provider.

Rev. Dr.Agidi who is also the Moderator of the General Assembly of the E.P. Church, Ghana insisted that there were enough resources and food to cater for the entire citizenry but the uneven distribution of nation’s wealth had manifested in widespread poverty, lack of classroom blocks, ignorance and diseases among Ghanaians.

He bemoaned the rising trend in which some latter day churches of dubious origin only preach sermons of prosperity and amass wealth at the expense of the poor.

“I am appealing to those churches to contribute to the building of more classrooms with the huge tithes they collect.”

Rev. Dr.Agidi said that the sterling schools built through the sacrifices of the orthodox churches were left to run down, because those who should help to maintain and expand them were more concerned with the stability of their stomachs than anything else.

He described as a shame the growing “greed even among some Christians who are concerned about filling their stomachs and they evade taxes needed to develop the country”.

“The bellies of some pastors are so huge that one wonders if they ever fast,” Rev. Dr.Agidi noted.

He said that the country would be a much happier place if the rich break their bread with the poor and those who had enough to eat shared their food with the hungry.

The Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana congratulated the new pastors and urged them to serve their flock with honesty and preach the sermon of hard work, love for one another and honesty to them.

The new pastors who have completed a two-year probationary period are: Rev. Victor Etornam Akpi, Rev. Saint Asiwome Amegbe, Rev. Elowosi Ankah and Rev Senyo Attipoe.

The rest are Rev. Ishmael Doglo, Rev Nelson Joshua Sefakor Tam and Rev Johnny Davis Timpong.


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