CEOs cautioned against SADA errors

Ms Koomson

Ms Koomson

Special Development Initiatives Minister, Mavis Hawa Koomson, has cautioned Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the newly created Development Authorities to be guided by the scandals which marred the Savannah Development Authority (SADA) created by the previous Mahama-led government.

According to the minister, “Ghanaians will not forgive the ruling government if the same mess is created by the Development Authorities.”

“He (President) is watching, the people of Ghana are also watching especially our opponents, the development agenda of this government has been placed on us, we must not let him down.

Ms Koomson cautioned in Koforidua at a workshop for CEOs of the Development Authorities and their Deputies on Public Financial Management, Procurement and the Development Authority Acts.

“We don’t have time, we should all be in a hurry to match the speed of the President. Thankfully we have the SADA experience to learn from, the good people of Ghana will not forgive us if we create another SADA scandal.
“Management of public resources requires discipline and high levels of responsibilities,” Ms Koomson stressed.

Alhaji Haroun, Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Development Authority explained that SADA did not fail but did not meet expectations.
He said SADA left some essential footprints which needed to be continued with additional initiatives implemented to stimulate development in the Savannah Belt.

“They (SADA) have failed to live up to expectations, they haven’t failed wholly as such, they have left footprints on which we want to build, they have left initiatives some which are sensible.
“Ours is a government of continuity, we will not want to waste what is good, we will follow some of the good things that they left, we will create new ones and we do not intend to fail,” Alhaji Haroun noted. –

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