CEO Of Sol Lueshing, Nigeria Denies Fraud In Charter Fee Claim

A witness in the case in which ownership of 391,250 dollars is in contention at the Financial Division Two Court, denied doing nothing fraudulent in claiming the money, last Friday.

He maintained that the cheque was never altered before it was presented to the bank to be cashed.

The witness, Prince Adeleke Oyinlola, the Chief Executive Officer of Sol Lueshing, Nigeria, was testifying in the case in which three companies are contesting the ownership of the said amount paid into the coffers of the Judicial Service by UT Bank.

Auxesia Energy Limited, Sol Lueshing, Nigeria and Sol Lueshing United Kingdom (UK) are both claiming the money.

Sol Lueshing Nigeria is claiming that its, vessel was used by Auxesia Energy Limited’s client, Earth Petroleum Limited, to cart Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) from Nigeria to Ghana.

Based on that, the company demands that the money be paid to it. But Sol Lueshing, UK insisted that the vessel did not belong to Sol Lueshing, Nigeria, and even gone ahead to accuse Sol Lueshing, Nigeria, of stealing it.

Auxesia Energy Limited, on the other hand, claimed that it did not transact business with the two companies, and prayed the court to order the return of the money into its accounts.

Continuing his cross examination of the witness, counsel for Auxesia, Godfred Yeboah Dame suggested to Prince Oyinlola that he could not cash the cheque on April 15, 2013 because it was altered but he denied it.

Witness explained that when he sent the cheque to the bank, it could not be cashed over the counter and was at a loss how he could cash it.

Mr. Oyinlola said his Designated Person Ashore (DPA), Kayode Alade, received the cheque and the letter attached from Faith Odulu, the Managing Director of Auxesia Energy Limited on April 4, 2013, at the Holiday Inn Hotel, and completed discharge of the product on April 8.

When witness was asked whether he knew Christopher Isibor, a businessman who gave the cheque to Jide Johnson, handler of Sol Lueshing, Nigeria, he said he did not, because he (Jide) had no authority to handle the cheque.

Mr. Oyinlola disagreed with a question that he was not supposed to have sent the cheque until he received a phone call but went ahead to attempt cashing it.

Witness said the letter accompanying the cheque was not written by Earth Petroleum since there was no agreement between Sol Lueshing, Nigeria and Earth Petroleum to discharge the product.

Mr. Oyinlola said he had no issue with Mr. Isibor until after discharging the product Spiral Oil and Gas and Grandfather Oil and Gas companies claimed they charted the vessel and not Auxesia.

When it was suggested to him that the product was paid for by Auxesia after its discharge hes disagreed and was quick to add that such an agreement was between Auxesia and Earth Petroleum and not Sol Lueshing, Nigeria.

He explained that the agreement between his company and Auxesia was that there should be payment before discharge, and added that there was no indeminity clause respect of the contract with Auxesia.

Witness said he was not aware of the purchasing price between Auxesia and Earth Petroleum.

Hearing continues on July 23. By Winston Tamakloe

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