Bahmed Spills The Beans … 3 Travel And Tour Agencies Were Chosen Before Vetting Of 10

Bmd2The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bahmed Travel and Tours, Alhaji Ahmed Bando yesterday revealed to the Justice Dzamefe Commission of Inquiry that the three travel agents who were assigned by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) to airlift supporters to Brazil were already shortlisted before he was invited to be interviewed for the same project. It was earlier disclosed to the Commission, by the World Cup Committee headed by Fred Darko, that 10 travel agents including Bahmed were interviewed before settling on three, namely, Travel Matters, African Origin and Kenpong Travel and Tours for the project. But the CEO of Bahmed discredited the earlier claim, suggesting that the interview was a mere formality as the committee had earlier contracted the three agents to work on the World Cup project. ‘’I received a call from the Presidency before the interview that the three slots has already been allocated to some travel agents,” he disclosed. That he said, suggested that the job had been given to the travel agents before the committee was even set up to interview applicants. Angered by that revelation and feared he would not be awarded the contract he said, “I warned the committee that there would be trouble if I was not given the contract.” He added that, he had already secured hotels and airlines as well as making other back ground preparations to execute the project in Brazil should he be contracted. According to Mr. Bando, he was assured after the interview that they would get back to him but later he had to back out since the World Cup Committee was not forthcoming. He also referred to a tape which contained the voice of one of the committee members stating that Bahmed was the right outfit to be given the job. Mr. Bando also disclosed that, every decision of the committee was verbal as they declined to sign any form of written document presented to them. According to him, he executed the 2006 World Cup in Germany to perfection and since then, the other World Cups have been poorly managed as far as travel issues were concerned. He also described the situation as a ‘national cancer’ which has cost the nation a lot as people have sacrificed in the past to put sports on the right level. He further suggested to the commission that in future, experienced people must be selected for national assignments despite their political or religious affiliations. Mr. Bando added that competent people must be engaged on such tournament committees and corporate entities and government must assist in financing supporters to tournaments though the number of supporters must be reduced. By  Raymond Ackumey & Michael D. Abayateye

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