CDD survey findings testimony of hard work- EC

The Electoral Commission (EC) has tapped itself on the back over a Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) survey which described the Commission as neutral.

A total of 63 per cent of the respondents consider the Commission as neutral in its supervision of the upcoming elections.

Of the 24,000 sample size used for the survey, 77 per cent of the respondents also believe the 2016 polls will be free and fair.

The results of this survey come at a time the Commission is reeling under pressure from the opposition New Patriotic Party and its allied pressure groups all of which are accusing the EC of bias.

Deputy Director of Communication at the EC, Mr. Yussif Ayuba indicated that the survey is a testimony that the EC has always been neutral.

“We are happy Ghanaians have realised we are doing a good job,” he noted, pointing to transparent and accountable leadership under Mrs. Charlotte Osei.

He said the Commission has organised a number of training sessions for its workers and has changed the approach in doing a lot of things at the Commission.

This he believed has accounted for the positive perception of Ghanaians about the activities of the Electoral Commission.

Notwithstanding the high positive perception, the CDD survey indicated that 48 per cent of the respondents believe their votes may not count after all.

That appeared to be a blot on a generally positive reflection of the EC in the CDD survey findings.

Mr. Ayuba said the findings may be a reflection of the misunderstanding of the respondents about how the EC declares its results.

He said the EC will enhance public education on how the figures for elections are generated and declared.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), one of the critics of the EC welcomed the findings by the CDD.

The Chairman of the NPP campaign, Peter Mac Manu said the confidence Ghanaians appear to be reposing in the EC can partly be attributed to the vigilance by the NPP which has led to the EC being more transparent than before.

“Our criticism is to unearth hiccups since the elections must be open and transparent,” he said, adding “the EC has improved its website which has helped greatly in the dissemination of information.”

He was quick to mention the 48 per cent who appeared to have little faith in the EC to report accurately the true outcome of the votes.

Mac Manu said the EC must work hard to ensure that many Ghanaians have complete faith in them going into the election.


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