Catholic Bishops Join Fight Against Ebola

Most Reverend Joseph Osei-BonsuThe Ghana Catholic Bishops Con-ference (GCBC) has directed all parish priests and their assistants throughout the country to devote the next few Sundays, to educate parishioners about the Ebola disease.

A statement signed by Most Reverend Joseph Osei-Bonsu, president of the GCBC, copied to The Ghanaian Times, requested health personnel in the various parishes to champion the crusade.

It also appealed to “all health facilities dotted across the country to put in place the necessary structures to handle reported cases of Ebola with dispatch”.

The statement urged worshippers to engage in minimal interaction during Mass, stating that, “while we cannot direct our faithful not to shake hands during the Kiss of Peace at Mass, we think that it is possible to minimise the shaking of hands”.

The statement said the directives were short-term measures aimed at preventing the possible outbreak of the disease in the country.

It said: “We should all remember that the only possible way of stopping the outbreak of Ebola is prevention, and all of us must contribute our quota in that regard”.

The statement said though it was important for everyone to help prevent the deadly disease from entering the country, ”it serve no useful purpose to suspect every little symptom as signs of Ebola”.

It cautioned that such approach would rather create confusion, fear and panic among people.

The statement stated that, “We recommend intensive prayers for an end to the spread of the disease in our sub-region and elsewhere and show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in affected areas”.

The statement urged Ghanaians to contribute their quota to help prevent the disease from spreading to the country by taking the necessary precautionary measures.

 By Times Reporter


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