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Business about to start in Parliament

Are Ghanaians wrong to trust their Parliamentarians?

When a father promises to do something for a child, the child relies hugely on that promise and expects that the adult will deliver on the promise made to him or her. When the time frame for that promise approaches, the child’s 0emailprint

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Election 2016: Where are the Manifestos? What will they contain? Do they really matter?

It’s four months to the general elections in Ghana, and the political parties have still not released their manifestoes. The manifestoes are supposed to be part of the key technical criteria by which informed citizens make their judgement on who should govern the country for the next four years. Through the manifestoes, the electorate can identify specific policy proposals, weigh […]

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Angioedema, an adverse drug reaction…An encounter with a client

Mr.Pharmacist, I think something is happening to my father. Kindly come over and have a look. The client’s father (family) lived only a block away from the pharmacy. At the house, pharmacist noticed the father’s face and lips were swollen. The tongue was not yet swollen. He asked to see the medications the person had been taking. The client was […]

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President, Mr Jacob Zuma

What is the meaning of ‘Hubris’?

The word in Twi that comes closest to defining “hubris” for me is tirimudƐ. For the benefit of readers who do not speak Twi, the word literally means “to entertain sweetness inside one’s own head”!

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Mr Frederick Christian Lokko, the Managing Director, GWCL

Ghana Water Company ups the tempo

Ghana Water Company Limited has stepped up efforts to improve the urban water sector with an accelerated programme of construction, expansion and rehabilitation of major water supply systems throughout the country. One of such projects is the Kumawu, Konongo and Kwahu Ridgewater supply project commonly referred to as the 3Ks. The project is being undertaken by an Israeli company, Tahal […]

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Information Communication Technologies and Faith-Based Organisations in C’nity Dev.

Faith-based institutions—the mosques, churches, and temples of muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists—are everywhere in the world, in both developed and developing nations. Over the past couple of years, there have been much talk and writing on “faith and development.” Faith-based organisations (FBOs) have been particularly prominent in providing food, clothing, and shelter to people in need. Millions turn to their churches, […]

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Tribal Bigotry and Political violence:Elections 2016 and beyond

It is yet that time of the year when a nation heads towards her national elections and already we are seeing the peace marches or matches or games to which we have become accustomed. One would expect that the farther we go on our democratic journey, the more distant such cries for peace should become to our memories. So then […]

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The Writer Alex Kufuor

The absolute importance of positive cultural values on national dev.

We were in Koforidua one weekend to attend a nephew’s wedding ceremony.  On our return we stopped by a petrol station to buy some fuel but to our shock and horror there were no attendants. The reason for the absence of the staff from work was because there was rainfall on the day. The opening of the heavens is good […]

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Leading through crisis

The penultimate element of General Zinni’s newly molded Leadership Model which are the core elements modern leaders need if they are going to create a culture of leadership and be successful in today’s challenging world is leading in time of CRISIS: “The new leader must be able to lead in times of crisis and change. Today, organisations are exposed to […]

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Big boost for cashew production in the Offinso-North District

A little over a decade ago,  in October 2005 to be precise, a bunch of creative minds at the then Offinso District Assembly in Ashanti (now split into Offinso South Municipal and Offinso North District Assemblies) set themselves an arduous task of finding a vehicle, indeed a catalyst that could influence the rapid development of the sprawling district. The envisaged […]

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