Carl Lokko threatens court action against Micah

Carl Lokko

Carl Lokko

Experienced Ghanaian boxing trainer, Carl Lokko has threatened a legal suit against one of his previous boxers, Duke Micah over allegations made against him on social media.


The decision, according to the Bronx boxing gym head coach was to get Micah to substantiate the wild allegations that has since gone viral.


Micah, who joined the Bronx gym stable and the streetwise Management team headed by Michael Amoo-Bediako from the Fit Square gym currently, holds the WBC International bantamweight title, a feat he achieved under the tutelage of Lokko.


The report has gained currency considering the circumstances under which Lokko also parted ways with another prized asset, Richard Commey who is currently in line for a shot at the IBF lightweight strap.


Micah in a video post on Facebook accused his former trainer of character assassination because of his decision to stop working with him.


He was also bitter about how his former coach had been cheating him in purse disbursement.


But speaking with the Times Sports from his US base, Lokko denied the claims and believes only a court action can bring out the truth.


In his view, Micah’s action was a sign of ungratefulness but was not ready to go further on the matter.


He wondered how a boxer he has been with through difficult times could spew such lies about him especially those regarding cheating when the boxer is not paid through him.


“I don’t receive his purses for him. We are all paid by the same people and everybody receives his cheque so how do I spend his money? These are some of the issues that can clearly be spelt out at the court.”


He said such attitude from sportsmen especially boxers are becoming too common and maybe a court action would be the move to stem the tide and stop boxers from spewing lies about people.


“I am not bothered with all those claims. I am sure they will sound even more credible when he tells the court and substantiate them. When he is able to do that, I will be ashamed the more and I guess that will give him the pleasure he desires,” he said.


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