Cantonments Police Mosque supports needy people to fast

The management of the Cantonments Police Mosque in Accra is providing prepacked food for 350 needy people to enable them to fast in the month of Ramadan.

Besides, the management are providing meals involving porridge and fruits for the Iftar- breaking of fast.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Imam Husein Abdur Rahim Husein, In Charge of Islamic Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, disclosed this to the Ghanaian Times on Tuesday, explaining that it forms part of their social responsibility to the needy.

He said the funds for the meals were raised through donations from “friends of the Mosque” who have made it as a duty to cater for the needy during the month-long Ramadan.

Imam Rahim said there were a lot of needy people who could not provide the means of sustenance to undertake the annual Ramadan fasting, a period Muslims are expected to abstain from food, drink and all earthly desire from dusk to dawn for the sake of Allah.

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is compulsory for all Muslims to observe fast and intensify supplications in the month of Ramadan to Allah and extend charity to the needy with the intention of seeking the blessings and mercies of Allah.

While expressing his appreciations to the “friends of the Mosque ” for their support in catering for the needy, Imam Rahim who is the Chief Imam of the Ghana Police Service, urged Muslims to also endeavour to cultivate the habit of charity, as espoused in the religion saying “when someone provides for in your time of need, tomorrow you should also extend same to others.”

The Ghana Police Service Chief Imam said the vision of the mosque was to make the place a centre of excellence for not only spiritual upliftment of Muslims, but to provide employable skills for the poor and the needy to be self-reliant and not to be a burden on others.

In that regard, Imam Husein said the management of the mosque had been collaborating with other non-governmental organisations to help the needy with employable skills.

He added that the Mosque provided a platform, through workshops and seminars, for intra and inter-religious dialogue and cooperation for peaceful coexistence among different faiths in the country towards sustainable development.

DSP Husein stressed the need for peaceful coexistence among Muslims and people of other faiths for peace and stability of the country and urged Muslims to let the spiritual upliftment they went through the month of Ramadan to reflect in their daily lives

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