Calm returns to Ga Mantse Palace

Clam at Ga Mantse palace.Photo Victor A. Buxton

Clam at Ga Mantse palace.Photo Victor A. Buxton

Calm has returned to the Ga Mantse palace in Accra and its environs after clashes broke out yesterday between two factions claiming ownership to the stool on Tuesday.

A visit by The Ghanaian Times yesterday saw a heavy police presence still stationed in and outside the palace, and the return of brisk business in the area.

Business activities came to a halt during the fire exchanges because people were terrified and feared for their lives.

A  hairdresser, Miss Gloria Osei operating  directly opposite the  palace  said,   she  had to close  her  shop  and  go home  because she was  scared  and  would not want to  lose her  life.

She said there were many people on motorcycles who attempted to enter the palace and destroyed the entrance gate admist gunshots.

She said the situation was so intense that she had to close her shop to avoid being hit by a stray bullet as the police and the indigenes were exchanging gunshots.

According to the hairdresser, “the situation is better today and business is booming as compared to yesterday”.

Mr. Shiekh Iddris, a photocopy shop operator said the  road  from  the Kaneshie  Polyclinic  area to the  Total Filling  station was blocked due to the clash and that there was  heavy police presence, numbering about 100.

He said due to the road block which lasted for about three hours, movement of persons and vehicles were restricted which made business slow down during the day.

“Today business is good and the atmosphere is normal despite the presence of the police here,” he said.

The Ghanaian Times yesterday reported that two factions laying claim to the Ga stool clashed amidst gunshots and destruction of property at the Ga Mantse palace in Accra.

The two factions reportedly clashed over the installation of Nii Adama Latse, who was cleared by an Accra High Court, last week to assume the presidency of the Ga Traditional Council.

The paper reported that, when it got to the palace around 3pm, there was heavy security presence with more than 20 police personnel outside and inside the palace with two armoured vehicles and five cars parked nearby.

It also reported, the palace was quiet, but there were visible signs of destruction of flower pots and the tyres of a vehicle had been deflated as a result of the clashes earlier in the morning.

By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu    


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