CAF instructor urges GFA to consider EPL when fixing fixtures

Paul Bassey – Counsels GFA on EPL fixtures

Paul Bassey – Counsels GFA on EPL fixtures

CAF INSTRUCTOR on Club Licensing, Paul Bassey has called on the Ghana Football Association to consider the fixtures for the English Premier League matches when drafting the local league fixtures to give supporters the opportunity to watch the local games.

According to the FIFA Media Committee Member, the Ghanaian league cannot compete with the English Premier league in any way and that the league organizers should look at the EPL fixtures before drafting the local fixtures so that they do not coincide.

In an interview, Bassey said, “The EPL fixtures always come two months before the league starts. The organizers must not put a fixture on a day that Chelsea wiu play Manchester United or Liverpool. Nobody will come to the stadium”.

“This is because they are far ahead of your league in terms of quality, attraction and organization. So if for instance an EPL match is on Saturday, push your game to Sunday and vice versa. Or if it is in the afternoon around 4pm, play your game around 1pm. This will get you the fans “.

“So the organizers must take this serious, get the EPL fixtures and design your local fixtures along”.

Paul Bassey is a technical committee member of the Nigerian Football Federation and a FIFA and CAF Match Commissioner.

He also called on the Ghanaian sports media to stop interviewing club CEOs and interview players to hype matches since they are the principal actors.

Bassey who has covered and reported over 10 African Cup of Nations tournaments thinks that the local media must highlight on the players and coaches in the local league instead of talking to CEOs who do not matter most to the fans and followers.

“If indeed you want to attract fans to the stadium to watch matches, then journalists must desist from interviewing club CEOs and interview the players themselves”, Bassey told

“The journalists are now busy interviewing the CEOs instead of the players and coaches. With all due respect because at the end of the day the CEOs will give them something for transport. But that is killing the interest of the fans”.

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