…Cadres Call For Calm

The United Cadres Front (UCF) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has urged party members and supporters to accept President John Mahama’s ministerial reshuffle in the national interest.

The UCF said it has observed with much indignation, negative reactions to President Mahama’s ongoing reshuffling, describing the violence protests and threats from the Upper West and East regions, as regrettable.

The UCF, in a statement signed by Camillus Maalneriba-Tia Sakzeesi, UCF Deputy General Secretary, said “much as the UCF may share in the sentiments expressed over the changes, we equally feel these threats are gradually gaining roots within the party which is gradually eroding the good name the NDC has carved for itself”.

“The President, as it is said, constitutionally has the power to ‘hire and fire, ’ and can fire an appointee from a low level to a high pedestal. If this reasoning is anything to go-by, do we think that such threats would eventually inure to the benefit of the affected Ministers?” it asked.

It agreed however, that “the manner the two ministers have been tossed around within the past one year, is very much disturbing,  and we are of this opinion because it can easily destabilise the party in the region.”

“Having said so, the UCF still believes in the good judgment of the President, that he has positive reasons pertaining to these changes.

“It is the UCF’s candid opinion that all NDC supporters throughout the country,  use laid down channels to register their misgivings over political nominations/removals, rather than use unconventional means to achieve results,” the statement said.

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