….but hails President for freeing ‘Montie 3′

The outgoing Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), the Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey, has hailed President John Mahama for remitting the sentence of the ‘Montie trio’ who were sentenced to four months imprisonment each for scandalising the court.

He said the President did not commit any error in law, but only exercised his Prerogative of Mercy under Article 72 of the 1992 Constitution.

He said the three-Salifu Maase, also known as Mugabe, host of Montie FM’s political show, Allistair Nelson and Ako Gunn  showed remorse when they appeared in court prior to their incarceration in July.

That aside, Rev. Prof. Martey said “Jesus Christ entreats Christians to forgive and show compassion to others”.

The Moderator, however,  questioned why the President did not invoke the powers conferred on him by the same constitution to pardon his alleged assassin.

He said the alleged assassin, whose 11-year sentence was quashed by a Human Rights High Court and is currently receiving treatment at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, was possessed by the devil and needed prayers, not detention.

The ‘Montie trio’ were released from the Akuse Prison where they were transferred to from the Nsawam Prison to serve the remaining three months, after serving about a month of their four months incarceration.

The action drew public criticisms, as lawyers, politicians and the clergy were divided on the matter.

President Mahama remitted the sentences of the three contemnors following a petition by some Ghanaians and subsequent advice by the Council of State.

Currently, two people have filed writs at the Supreme Court to challenge the action taken by the President by asking the court to revoke the remission of the three and again, commit them to jail on grounds that the President did not have the locus to pardon them.

By Malik Sullemana                    


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