… But Ayariga says agreement is reckless

The founder and leader of All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Hassan Ayariga has described the U.S-Ghana military co-operation agreement as reckless and obnoxious.

He said the decision outrightly sells the sovereignty of Ghanaians to a foreign state and terrorists.

Mr. Ayariga made the assertion at a press conference in Accra. He said the country had nothing to gain from the agreement.

According to Mr. Ayariga,  Ghana’s national interest  should determine the  kind of international  treaties it ratifies, “ but in this case the  Ghana’s national interest  was ignored for the national interest  of the United States in Ghana’s  sovereign  territory”.

He  said the  agreement when  signed would expose  Ghana to  terrorism,  and threaten the very fibre of the  Ghanaian culture as  well as compromise  the  security of the  country.

“We have lost it in trade to the Chinese and other nationals and now seeking to lose our security too?” he questioned.

Mr. Ayariga stated  the country had lived in peace for 61 years  without any intervention  of  the  Americans and therefore  do not need the help of the US to fight  terror adding that  Ghana was capable of managing  its security.

He said it was time the sovereignty, interest and security of the nation was safeguarded adding that “this must not be about politics as usual and our traditional hypocrisy”.

He called on parliament to represent the interest of Ghanaians in this issue and warned that he would shut down parliament if the agreement was ratified.

He said the future of the country should not be sold to any other country and not even the Americans.

Mr. Ayariga cautioned the Minister of Defence, Dominic Nitiwul to be mindful of the agreement saying a political phase should not be attached to it but it should be looked at with a national interest.

He called on the Christian Council, Catholic Bishops Conference and other civil society groups to speak against the agreement.

By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu




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