Busy focuses on empowerment of businesses

Mr. Praveen Sadalage, Chief Executive Officer of Busy says the focus of the company is to empower businesses, individuals and strategic partners to succeed.

Speaking in an interview to explain why the company sponsored the third Graphic Business Breakfast meeting held in Accra yesterday he said, “We also see ourselves as playing a very critical role in driving and growing our economy; of which tax compliance is key”.

The meeting is an annual event organised by the Graphic Communications Group Ltd (GCGL) for the business community to exchange ideas on the prospects of the economy.

The topic discussed was “New Tax Law: Implications for the economy and businesses”. 

He said “with our reliable 4G data connection, businesses can access up-to-date information on Ghana’s tax laws, acquire the requisite knowledge about their tax obligations, provide online training for their employees and promote their businesses”.

Mr. Sadalage indicated that “if through Busy 4G, organisations can promote their businesses online, reduce cost and promote efficiency, then both of these businesses and the economy stand to gain and our job would have been done”.

Per the new tax law, a number of business activities which prior to the review were exempted from taxation have now been included while others that already attracted taxes will see some increases. Both individuals and companies will be affected by the new law which has engendered complaints from majority of Ghanaians.

The breakfast meeting therefore provided the platform for policy makers and members of the business community to discuss the implications on their bottom-line and how the effects could be mitigated.

 By Times Reporter

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