Businessman on robbery charge

An Accra Circuit Court has remanded Prince Tease, a businessman and Paul Kofi Mensah, a driver, in police custody for abetment, forgery of document and robbery.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges and will appear again on August 20.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Moses Atibilla, told the court that the complainant was a Canadian and businessman who arrived in Ghana in April this year to purchase gold.

The prosecution said the complainant first met Mensah and told him of his mission in the country and the accused person told him, he and his boss deal in gold.

He said Mensah sent the complainant to CFC Estates near Achimota, where they met Prince, who said they could supply him with 50kilogrammes of Gold at 3,500 dollars per kilogramme .

ACP Atibilla said the accused demanded payment of seven per cent of the amount which was $ 110,250 for documentation and export of 50kilogrammes of the mineral to the complainant’s partners in Dubai.

“Prince also told the complainant that while sending the mineral to the partners, he (Prince) will travel to Dubai for three days and come back to Ghana, after the gold has been delivered to the partners,” he added.gave the complainant fake customs documentation.

He said a few days later after the tickets had been bought for the complainant to travel with Prince, Mensah went to pick the complainant together with the 10kilogrammes of gold, pretending they were going to the airport rather took him to the accused’s person’s office for a meeting.

ACP Atibilla said at the office, one of the accused persons, holding a pistol told the complainant he was a customs officer.

He said there, they gave the complainant a fake document purported to be a court injunction retaining the shipment of the gold and forcibly took the 10kilogramme of gold from him.


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