Business booms in Accra ahead of X’mas

Christmas decor

Christmas decor

Business activities are picking up speed at the central business district of Accra with few days to the Christmas festivities.

From shoes to dresses, Christmas decor and toys, confectionaries, assorted drinks to foodstuffs, areas like Makola, Okaishie, Kantamanto among others are flooded with goods which have virtually taken over the streets and corners of the business hub.

Human beings and vehicles have to compete for space to reach their destinations amidst the offloading of more goodies by heavy trucks onto the streets, jostling and shouts from traders obviously determined to break even before the holidays set in.

A visit by Ghanaian Times yesterday observed that prices of sampled goods including bags of rice, boxes of cooking oil, buckets of tomatoes, cartons of assorted drinks and biscuits, children shoes and clothes, Christmas decors, among others, remain relatively stable as compared to last year.

For instance, a 25 kilogramme bag of rice depending on the brand, ranges between GH¢ 25.00 and GH¢ 55.00, while some cartons of non-alcoholic beverages range between GH¢ 18.00 and GH¢ 40.00 based on quantity and brand.

A big size of Christmas tree was going for GH¢350.00 with the small size ranging between GH¢150 and GH¢250.00. The price of Christmas hats ranges between GH¢5.00 and

GH¢ 10.00.

Madam Janet Esaah who trades in assorted drinks confessed that business was slow last week but “this week, business is going on well because we hear most of the companies are breaking on Friday so most people are coming to town to buy”.

Another, Madam Ofosua, a dealer in children shoes and clothes affirmed the story of Madam Esaah saying, “I had restocked my shop after selling off the old items in the hope of making some good sales but the past few weeks had been very slow, it is this week that we are seeing improvement.”

She was optimistic that as the holidays inched closer the story would be much better.

29-year-old Basiratu Ibrahim who had taken over her mother’s shop stocked with variety of children’s toys, knockouts, decoration materials, among others, on wholesale noted that “people are really purchasing the items especially the retailers to sell to others so business is not ba.”

Meanwhile, cane weavers on the Switchback road around the 37 Military Hospital in Accra were hopeful of bumper sales in the final days to Christmas though generally they complained that “business last year around this time was better than this year”.

“Christmas is our peak season so we are hopeful that business picks up but for now we are producing the hamper baskets. Most of our customers in the agencies say they have not been given the green light to order the baskets so we hope by New Year, the products would have been bought,” Mr. Samuel Ofori who has been in the business for the past 24 years stated.

The paper gathered that baskets like the pickling basket was being sold from GH¢30.00 to GH¢50.00 while the prices of hamper baskets ranges between GH¢5.00 and GH¢25.00 depending on the size.

By Abigail Annoh


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