Ghana on Monday entered a momentous phase of improving the transportation system of the country by rolling out a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in the Greater Accra Region.

The implementation of the BRT, which has begun with a pilot phase, is part of a strategy to solve the mobility problems of the urban areas of the country.

Significantly, the BRT is part of a large project of regulation of urban passenger transport, traffic engineering, management and safety, including the development of an area-wide traffic signal control system in Accra and Kumasi, among other areas.

The roll-out of the BRT is, therefore, the beginning of what the experts describe as Urban Transport Project (UTP), which was conceived and launched in 2007 by the Ministries of Transport, Roads and Highways, and Local Government and Rural Development.

The Times is gratified that finally, the project has taken off successfully inspite of initial threats from a section of private transport owners to disrupt the implementation of the project.

It is particularly worth noting that, all stakeholders in the transport sector in the implementing areas are co-operating with the operators of the BRT.

We are glad that a group of transport owners who initially expressed concern over the implementation of the BRT have understood the essence of the BRT and are prepared to go along with it.

While commending all stakeholders including the private transport owners, we must all be reminded that in many developed countries, public transport is very essential for nation building.

It must be pointed out that the era where public transport is largely provided by the private sector, must give way to a modern public transport system that is well structured and planned.

The current unplanned and uncoordinated public transport system operated by individuals and associations, is chaotic which has led to traffic congestions in all major towns of the country.

The solution is the implementation of the BRT that promises to eliminate most of the challenges confronting the public transport system of the country.

We urge the government to quickly move in to provide the infrastructure, the requisite number of buses to operate an effective BRT.

We must all support the new public transport arrangement and hope that it would completely change transportation in Ghana.

We appeal to both the passengers and drivers of the buses to handle them with utmost care to make it beneficial and worthwhile for all.


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