Bulk consumers of electricity assured of transparent deal

Participants at the meeting

Participants at the meeting

The Electricity Market Oversight Panel (EMOP) has promised bulk consumers of electricity of its commitment to ensure fairness, competiveness and transparency within the value chain of power generation and distribution in the country.

The administrator of EMOP, Eric Kyem, gave the assurance at a meeting with bulk customers from the mining companies within the Tarkwa enclave, to discuss the mandate and activities of EMOP.

He explained that EMOP was established by the  Energy Commission to supervises the operations  of the whole sale market and  promote  good governance in the  power generation  sector, to ensure that participants  were  not taken advantage of by others, stressing that “EMOP was the watchman of the watchman.”

Mr Kyem said “basically, there is private sector management both in generation and distribution aspects. The electricity producers are licensed by the Energy Commission to generate their power, and also licence some categories of customers, who have a minimum amount of consumption at bulk consumers including the mining companies.”

He explained that EMOP was to monitor the general performance of the market administration functions of the transmission utility, ensure the smooth operation of the wholesale electricity market, review procedures, manuals and electricity market rules.

Mr Kyem said “EMOP is to resolve disputes referred to it by market participants in respect of transactions in the wholesale market, ensure the long term optimisation of hydro-electricity supply sources in the country, and make appropriate recommendations to the Energy Commission in respect of our functions.”

He stated that “the mission of EMOP was to  institutionalised a fully well administered contestable wholesale electricity  market  in Ghana, where  there  is fairness and transparency to  boost investor confidence drive efficiency in the operations of market participants, to provide adequate, safe and reliable electricity for socio-economic development  of Ghana. Indeed, our vision is to make the wholesale electricity market of Ghana a model and benchmark market structure in Africa.”

Mr Kyem said that although EMOP has enjoyed financial support from the Energy Commission, it was challenged by capacity building, but, gave the assurance that “we will make sure all stakeholders are engaged and help the industry ensure efficiency.”

The EMOP administrator assured “The market have rules spelling out sanctions. We are here for your interest and so we need your inputs.”

Participants complained about the dipping of GRIDCO transmission to the mining enclave and mentioned that, one company lost $8 million, translating into 128 hours of production from January to September, this year.


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