Bukom Banku is under contract! … Managers of the boxer warn Box Office Promotions

Braimah Kamoko

Braimah Kamoko

Super Entertainment and Sports Consortium, managers of boxer Braimah Kamoko, has cautioned Box Office Promotions to desist from engaging the services of the boxer without their approval.

Kamoko, alias Bukom Banku, has a three-year existing management and promotional agreement with the consortium that sees him rendering service solely and exclusively to the consortium.

However, Box Office Promotions owned by Mr. Alex Ntiamoah, is trying to put up a mega bout involving Bukom Banku and Bastie Samir, an action the Sports Consortium owned by Mr. Bernard Fetrie is not enthused about.

A letter sighted by Times Sports from Crabbe, Crabbe & Co, lawyers of Mr. Fetrie to the owner of Box Office Promotions and copied to Banku, expressed their client’s displeasure at the turn of events. It stated unequivocally that “any such arrangement between our boxer and Box Office Promotions will be against the rules and laws governing boxing in Ghana and internationally.”

According to the letter, Kamoko has an existing three-year management and promotional agreement which was signed on the February 10, 2014, and was further extended by both parties for one year which was executed on December 15, 2016.

Under the agreement, the boxer is not to take part in any professional boxing or exhibition contest without manager’s written approval.

Quoting portions of the contract to support their claim, the letter said “during the term of this agreement and any other extension thereof, the boxer agrees to render services solely and exclusively to the management and agrees that he will not take part in any professional boxing contest or exhibition without manager’s written approval.”

“We are by this letter, therefore, drawing your attention to the existing contract that our client has with Braimah Kamoko and ask of you to deal with only Super Entertainment and Sports Consortium in order to engage the boxer in any bout, the letter said.

According to Super Entertainment and Sports Consortium, any breach of the fore-stated will entitle them to commence legal action Box Office Promotions and the boxer without further notice.

Meanwhile, Bukom Banku is once again shying away from the much-heralded Bastie Samir fight which is being organised by Super Entertainment.

A source close to Super Entertainment told the Times Sports on Tuesday that Banku is reluctant to sign the fight contract “for no apparent reason, having agreed earlier to face Bastie.”

Samir has on countless occasions called Kamoko a woman, constantly daring him to a bout at any given time – but all to no avail.

By William Fiifi Sey

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