Bukom Banku, Bastie dare to ‘kill’ each other

Bukom Banku

Banku – Ready to teach Bastie a lesson

Ghana’s undefeated pugilists – Briamah Kamoko, alias, Bukom Banku and Bastie ‘Doobia’ Samir are ‘violently’ at each other’s throat again. This time, they are all-too ready to shake the very foundation of Ghana boxing as they prepare for their much-heralded mega-fight in August, this year.

The two ‘bloody’ rivals have been talking big ahead of their heavyweight fight, swearing to do the demolishing work on a fight night that is expected to attract thousands of fans to the Bukom Boxing Arena in Accra.

Speaking to the Times Sports on Monday, Bastie promised to end the ‘dawdling’ career of Bukom Banku when they meet, describing him as a “chicken that keeps avoiding me all the time.”

“Banku is no match for me at all and I will give him the whipping of his life when we meet. As a matter of fact, I will stop boxing if I lose to him, which is not possible anyway,” Bastie told the Times Sports, daring Banku to sign up for the fight, “if he is a champion worth his salt.”

“Indeed, I will ‘kill’ him in the ring if his corner refuses to throw in the towel during the fight.

“I’m once again daring him to sign for the fight and face me. Banku only fights and beats people who are defenceless including women. Tell him to come and fight me and prove everybody wrong.”

 Bastie – Promises to whip his opponent

Bastie – Promises to whip his opponent

But in a fierce reaction, Banku swore fire and brimstone to crush Bastie, who is also known as the Beast.

“Bastie is a dwarf and I will beat him mercilessly to the extent that he would never come close to boxing. I have heard that some dwarf boxer called Bastie wants to fight me. I will beat him mercilessly and show why I’m Africa’s Mayweather.

“I’m a champion and I believe in my qualities. I’m urging all Ghanaians to come to the Bukom Boxing Arena on August 5 and be witnesses to how I will ‘stop’ Bastie,” Kamoko stormed out in an interview with UTV yesterday.

The two boxers were expected to fight last year on Independence Day (March 6) at the Accra Stadium, but Banku pulled out at the 11th hour. This time, the garrulous boxer has promised to give Ghanaians what they have been waiting for all this while.

The 36-year-old Banku, who is five years older than his opponent, has won all 28 fights (21 by way of knockout), having captured the WBO Africa light heavyweight title in 2011, and the WBO Africa cruiserweight crown in 2012

Samir, on the reverse, has a fight record of 15 with 14 knockouts and a draw in the US against hard-hitting Cuban Lester Gonzalez.

The fight is being put together by Super Entertainment.


By John Vigah

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