Bring the police assailants to book

It is quite disturbing to hear about attacks on some of our police officers in the line of duty when it comes to the maintenance of law and order in the country.

Isn’t it horrifying to come across assailants fighting tooth and nail to attack our police officers and sometimes maiming or even killing them? This practice, no matter what, should not be allowed to continue without any check.

As peace officers, our policemen do all they can to ensure that each and every individual is adequately protected. Protection is necessary for socio-economic development, so if the police do not work as expected, there can be no peace anywhere.

This explains why as much as possible, public respect for the police ought to be guaranteed at all times, even when in our view, some policemen have acted wrongly regarding certain issues that involve us.

If we have no respect for the police then we are calling for nothing but a lawless society in which survival will depend on who can best defend himself or herself. Unfortunately, such a situation must not be allowed to occur since the situation of lawlessness cannot guarantee the interest of various sections of communities that form the entire society.

A story from the Asiwa District Police Station indicates that the Police Commander of that district has been shot by unknown assailants at Nsuta in the Ashanti Region.

The only crime of the District Police Commander was that he led a team of policemen to Tofourkrom near Nsuta in Bosome Freho District last Sunday on a fact-finding mission in connection with an alleged murder of a 59-year-old farmer in the area.

The District Police Commander, who was shot together with four other police personnel, is reported to be in critical condition at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. It is said that he was shot in the neck when he and his team were ambushed by the assailants.

It is very sad that such an incident occurred at a time the police is doing all it can to protect citizens from attacks from other people. This incident shows that many people in this country have no respect for the police and will do all they can to thwart the good intentions of the police as an institution.

It is true that some individual policemen misbehave from time-to-time or get involved in actions that are shameful to common sense and the conscience of society.

However, this is no reason why our policemen should be brought under such savage attacks from certain elements in the society. Some of these unfortunate incidents go a long way to demoralise the Ghana Police Service and out of frustration, certain policemen begin to misbehave and mete out atrocious and unacceptable punishments to members of society.

If society is to see peace at all times then we may need to respect each other, particularly the law enforcement agencies like the police.

The shooting of the District Police Commander by unknown assailants at Nsuta in the Ashanti Region is an act that is ferocious and atrocious in the highest sense of imaginable behaviour that can ever take place in human society. This unacceptable act must not be allowed to occur again since it brings shame to the entire Ghanaian society.

Any society that does not show respect to its peace officers or policemen and women is not worth dying for so the earlier we change our behaviour along this line the better it will be for each and every one of us in this country.


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