‘Bright Prospects For Economy’

chivas pixMr. Guirec Danno, Pernod Ricard Regional Director, West Africa, says Ghana is still a good place to do business, despite the current economic challenges confronting it.

“The Ghanaian economy has a lot of prospects. The current challenges are temporary and the country would be on track,” he said.

Pernod Ricard is a French company that produces distilled beverages. The company’s eponymous products, Pernod Anise and Ricard Pastis, are both anise-flavoured liqueurs, and are often referred to simply as Pernod or Ricard.

Speaking in an interview with a section of the media in Accra to unveil the company’s Chivas Regal Limited Edition, he said Pernod Ricard, the global giant in the manufacturing of distilled beverages decided to set up in Ghana because of the political stability, and the prospects for its economy.

He said, the office in Ghana would serve as the hub to cover the rest of the West African sub-regional market.

He said the company which began operations in the country in the middle this year, currently employs 15 Ghanaians, and was poised to employing more as the company expands.

On the company’s package for consumers as Christmas draws near, Mr. Danno said the company was offering its customers in Ghana a limited edition of Chivas Regal, to make the season memorable.

He said Chivas Regal, the world’s first luxury Scotch whisky, had collaborated with award-winning luxury British watch brand, Bremont, to create the next installment of its much sought-after Made for Gentlemen Limited Edition collection.

Made for Gentlemen is an annual series of collaborations between Chivas Regal 12 and modern British craftsmen who represent excellence in style, luxury, heritage and creativity.

This year’s Made for Gentlemen collaboration also sees the release of additional collectors’ items in the form of 12 Chivalry watches, created by Bremont and Chivas to celebrate excellence and precision in luxury.

“In the spirit of generosity, the Bremont ‘Chivalry’ watches would be auctioned exclusively for charities around the world. Admirers of luxury watches and whisky have the opportunity to participate in an online auction for one of these watches,” Danno said.

He said “Over the last three years, the Chivas Made for Gentlemen series has gone from strength to strength, resonating with modern gentlemen around the world who demand substance and style from luxury experiences and products.

“With this latest edition, we’re celebrating not only the style and handcrafted quality of Chivas and Bremont, but also the spirit of generosity for which John and James Chivas were renowned, and that is increasingly valued in today’s competitive world.”

Mr. Richmond Asante, Marketing Manager of the company said, the company was poised to be a major player in the distilled beverages industry in Ghana.

By David Adadevoh

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