Bosch power tool concept extends beyond Ghana


A local artisan (left) undergoing training

After making a successful entry into the Ghanaian market with its innovative Bosch Power Box (BPB), global technology and services supplier Bosch says it is introducing the power tool box concept in Nigeria.
Since the introduction of the power tool box in Ghana in the middle of 2016, Bosch has been focusing on creating central hubs across the country where local artisans buy, lease or rent the latest power tools developed by one of the world’s market leaders.
The Bosch power is a revolutionary initiative designed to create, up-skill and grow small businesses and bring them into the formal, mainstream economy. The concept was developed to assist thousands of tradesmen and artisans, including plumbers, carpenters, welders, electricians, in growing their businesses through access to latest technology training.
Each BPB has managers, technical staff and trainers, all of whom have received dedicated training from Bosch.
The company believes Bosch Power Box in Nigeria will increase the success it has already established in Sokoban Wood Village, in Kumasi, Ghana, and set on course the company’s aim of bringing the BPB concept to African artisans, the informal sector, often the driving force of African economies.
“In essence, Nigerian artisans will now be able to buy, lease or rent the very latest power tools developed by the world’s market leader and to be used at Bosch Power Boxes. This will contribute a significant improvement in the quality of the products manufactured, while increasing efficiencies. This will assist Nigerian artisans in growing their businesses,” said Bosch in a statement yesterday.

According to Bosch, it has plans of establishing 10 BPBs with Nigeria being next in line.

The company said since its launch in Kumasi, artisans have been visiting the BPB to purchase products and services it offers, while 50 have registered for training.

Dr. Markus Thill, president of Bosch Africa said, “Each Bosch power box provides courses on product application and safety. Economic prosperity is about creating opportunities from the ground up to benefit individuals, communities, countries and the global community, and this is what we at Bosch aim to do.”

Kingsley Baafi, Manager at Bosch Power Box in Kumasi, said, “Having Bosch is a dream come true in Africa and specifically for us here in Sokoban Wood Village. Artisans did not know before what it takes to build something very fast, they relied only on manpower.”
“We will provide product application services on how they can use the tools correctly, maintain and service them and ensure a prolonged lifespan. Another exciting feature is that, through our partnership with Equity Bank, these entrepreneurs will receive financial training and budget management assistance,” said Benjamin Ofori, Regional Sales Director of Bosch Power Box.

“At Bosch, we want to use our resources and expertise in developing countries to improve skills, create economic opportunities and growth at a micro level, providing world-class services at affordable prices and improving the lives of all citizens.”


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