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The central theme of this work is that everybody has a specific calling, not necessarily a calling to ministry to ministry in church but a calling in any and every field of endeavour.

Each calling has its own purpose, the purpose for the person called and the purpose for mankind as a whole.

The calling as already stated could be in any sphere of life, but then, it is a calling to serve. The variety of service cannot be categorized because it runs across the whole field of human endeavour.

You may be called to be a political leader, to be a captain of industry, to be a Minister of the Word or you may be called generally as a servant of the people, but in each and every field you are called, each calling is as relevant and important as the other.

In other words, the person who has the calling to minister to the sick and poor has an important calling as the person who has the calling to be a political leader or captain of industry.

Each specific calling exists in your heart and you need introspection and prayer to recognize that specific calling and its purpose, and the Good Lord himself being the originator of the call would empower you and give you all the necessary tools to fulfill the purposes of your calling.

The author gives examples of such callings, both biblical and secular and over a gross spectrum of human endeavouor.

The sub-theme that remains is the fact that a call is gender neutral and accords with modern threads that recognizes the fact that whatever men can do, women can also do.

Thus, there are female heads of state, female astronauts, female doctors, female mechanics, female drivers and female whatever.

The work skirts briefly the controversy as to whether women should be heads in God’s ministry and postulates that if the good Lord calls a woman to ministry; it is for the purpose of glorifying his name and bringing the special qualities of the fairer sex to bear upon the whole mankind.

This work is particularly relevant, in that it would assist you in identifying whatever calling you have calling however lowly it may be, the importance that it deserves.

After all, the smallest cog in a machine is as important in its operation as the largest. No calling is too high and no calling is too low.

In summary, the callings and purposes of women must be seen as part of the whole, complimentary and not opposite to the callings of men.

The book has 316 pages and six main chapters. The diction is very simple and easy to understand. I recommend this eye-opening book for all.

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