Book on evolution of Catholic faith and Christianity launched

BOOK PIX - CopyA book that seeks to detail the establishment and evolution of the Catholic faith and Christianity in general in the northern part of Ghana has been launched here.

Titled: “From a Pagan Boy to Church ‘Prelate’ “ the book was authored by Reverend Father Eugene Suom-Dery, a former administrator of the St Andrews Cathedral in Wa and it gives a sequential account of how the faith evolved within the precepts of northern tradition and culture.

The 436-page book apart from situating the main character, Archbishop Gregory Ebo Kpiiebaya within the context of the church in northern Ghana, also provides an insight into the different actors and factors that influenced the beginning of the faith in northern Ghana as a whole and in the Upper West in particular.

Present at the launch were a host of academics, religious leaders, members of the Christian faith, people within the business and ordinary members of the general public.

Dr Benjamin Kumbuor, a former Minister of Defence who addressed the gathering said the place of the past of every human environment was significant in the sense that it served as a guide to the future.

“It becomes clear that if you have no understanding of your history, you will not have an understanding of who you are today and where you intend to go,” he explained.

He noted that the role of history in our quest for development could not be over emphasised since it was the compass that tells us where we are coming from, how to conduct ourselves and guides us to where we would have to go.

Dr Kumbuor who is also a two-time former member of parliament for the Nandom Constituency explained that history had everything to do with anthropological studies since it deal human societies and their cultures.

According to him reflecting on the life of Archbishop Kpiebaya revealed the fact that the desire for recognition and selfishness had deprived our society of many heroes and heroines, stressing that “we have so many unsung heroes in Ghana, and I believe as a people we can achieve so much if it didn’t matter who gets the credit for what.”

He explained that he as an altar boy was imparted greatly by the Archbishop due to his devotion to humanity and humility.

Touching on the book itself, Dr Kumbuor praised the author for the depth of research that went into writing it and said it served as a reference guide for the development of our society.

On his part, Dr Africanus Lewil Diedong, lecturer at the Wa Campus of the University for Development Studies who performed the launch said the need to recognize and honour outstanding personalities in our society through various forms of historical recordings, acted as memorials and inspiration for the upcoming generation.

“To honour the heroes of our church keeps us anchored to our roots and gives us a sense of purpose and direction,” he emphasized.

He described the book as well woven, inspiring and engaging story written in a lucid and accessible language that stands out as a gem of multi-faceted life history of a prelate who has touched the lives of many persons in incalculable ways.

The first copy of the book was auctioned for a prize money of GH1,500 and was purchased by a renowned business man in the region popularly known as Kalgaston.



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