Bolt to bounce back

BoltAFTER a quiet 2014 be set by injury in which he ran just 400m competitively, Usain Bolt plans to make certain he is not forgotten this year.

Bolt was front, centre and totally unmissable in Times Square in New York as he promoted a new line of runners for sponsor Puma on Tuesday, and the Jamaican sprint king is looking to re-assert his authority on the track too.

With Bolt out of action, American Justin Gatlin, took advantage and became the world’s top sprinter. But Bolt is relishing the competition as he declared himself fit for the new season.

“I felt like I’d retired, the way people were talking about Justin Gatlin,” Bolt said. “I found it to be funny. Like wow, I’m one season out and it’s like I retired.”

“Justin Gatlin did well, he kept the sport exciting. He kept people wanting to see us compete. For me it’s okay, and I’m always looking forward to competition.”

The Jamaican speedster headed back to his homeland on Wednesday to recommence the hard toil that he hopes will be the start of a possible swansong for one of sport’s most charismatic figures.

“When you see your picture in #TimesSquare you know you doing it big #BigApple #NewYork,” Bolt tweeted on Tuesday.

“We taking over #TimesSquare #IGNITENYC,” he said in honour of the company’s Ignite shoes.

— MailOnline

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