Body Of Boy, 8, Exhumed

Officials from the investigation department of the Ghana Police Service exhuming the corpse from the Agnes OpokuThe body of an eight-year old boy who was allegedly murdered and buried secretly by his parents has been exhumed at Dome, a suburb of Accra.

The nearly two hours of exhumation, was carried out by officials from the Criminal Investigations Department, and a Pathologist from the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. The body was wrapped in bed sheet.

The exercise attracted a large number of people who could not believe that the boy was allegedly murdered and buried.

To avoid any outbreak of a disease, the area was disinfected before and after the exhumation

The pathologist from the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Robert Kumodzi, told newsmen that though the body had been exhumed, it would take at least two weeks for a test to be conducted on the body to determine whether it was really the body of the deceased.

“Even though we have exhumed the body, it has to go through various laboratory tests to prove that it is the boy so that the actual facts would be gathered,” he said.

It is recalled that, a couple who allegedly beat their eight-year-old son resulting in his death, were arrested by the police at Dome, near Achimota in Accra.

Micheal Kweku Obeng, and his wife Comfort Tene Abunero, both 27, were reported to have secretly buried the deceased a month ago.

The deceased, Robert Adumbero, was said to be Obeng’s stepson.

Robert was reported to be living with his grandmother, Juliana Abunbero, in Naaga, in the Upper East Region for the past seven years, before his demise.

The Achimota Mile 7 Police Crime Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Henry Agbeve, told the media in Accra yesterday that two months ago, Comfort called the mother on phone to bring the son to her to be enrolled in school.

He said Robert was brought to the parents at Dome but he was not enrolled in school.

“He was constantly abused by the suspects with the accusation that he was a bad boy,” he added.

DSP Agbeve said the deceased had on his body various degrees of injuries but was not taken to the hospital for treatment.

He said during one of such maltreatments the deceased collapsed and died but the parents failed to report the issue to the police.

DSP Agbeve said the two conspired and buried the boy at a refuse dump at Dome.

He said a week ago, the boy’s grandmother visited the daughter at their Dome residence and asked about the whereabouts of the grandson, and she was told by the suspects that he had died.

DSP Agbeve said the grandmother confronted the suspects why they did not inform relatives about the boy’s death, adding that upon suspicion, she reported the case to the police.

He said the two were arrested and during interrogation, they admitted abusing the boy to death and burying him.

DSP Agbeve said the two would be put before court for murder.

By Agnes Opoku Sarpong    


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