News reports received from Gabon indicate that Ghana’s Black Stars have accepted the government’s proposed winning bonus of $5,000, to each player.

The new bonus, which represents a 50 per cent cut, was reportedly agreed to by the players after a discussion with the Youth and Sports Minister-designate, Isaac Asiamah in Gabon.

This news coming from Gabon must gladden the hearts of all football lovers in particular, and Ghanaians in general.

This is because many Ghanaians have been upset by the bonuses collected by both players and officials of the Black Stars.

Indeed, the Brazil world cup bonus saga remains a blot on the conscience of all Ghanaians and a reference point for anyone who is unhappy about the Black Stars.

Honestly, many Ghanaians have adopted an indifferent attitude towards the Black Stars, especially if they are engaged in any match.

Many Ghanaian have withdrawn their support for the stars merely because of the bonuses, which appear to be very high by all standards.

Beside, the attitude of the players in Brazil, suggested that they were playing for their country only for monetary gains.

The attitude they displayed in Gabon, did not demonstrate patriotism and sacrifice, as many of them did and continue to do.

The national embarrassment that the country suffered when monies were flown from Accra to Brazil, remain fresh on the minds of many Ghanaians.

If the players have now recognised the country can no longer pay the astronomical bonuses and are prepared to take reduced packages, they must be applauded.

While commending them, we wish to ask them to look back at the sacrifices our forebears made and to remind them of the successes they chalked while playing for lesser rewards.

Is it not an irony that, while spending more and paying big bonuses, the Black Stars have not been able to win the African Cup of Nations for the past three decades?

Perhaps, it may be hard luck, but lack of support from Ghanaians may affect their performance and ability to win matches.

With the acceptance of the reduction, we hope that the fans would give the players the maximum support, to propel them to victory and bring back home the trophy, which has eluded us for some time now.

We applaud the team for accepting the government’s proposal and wish them all the best.


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