Bishop Cautions Politicians Against ‘Wild’ Promises

Most.Rev.Emmanuel Asante (1)The Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, Most Rev. Professor Emmanuel K. Asante has cautioned politicians against making unrealistic promises ahead of the 2016 general elections.

Members of Parliament in particular, he said should not promise the electorates what cannot be within their reach because they are not development agents but rather lawmakers who represent their electorates in Parliament.

He was speaking in an interview with The Ghanaian Times on the sidelines of the handing over ceremony of the Centre for Indigenous Learning Systems (CEFIKS) at Ampia Ajumako in the Ajumako Enyam Essiam District in the Central Region on Sunday to the Methodist Church.

Professor Asante said the inability of politicians to fulfill their promises to their constituents has placed politics in a bad light.

Politics, he explained, was critical to the development of every nation; therefore politicians should stick to their words to restore the growing mistrust of the citizenry towards them.

He said the confidence people made about politicians was eroding due to the many unfulfilled promises they had made to their constituents.

He said if the electorates were made aware of what they (politicians) can or cannot do in their respective constituencies, then the electorates would have a fair understanding of what their mandates are and then they could religiously contribute their quota to national development.

Commenting on corruption, Professor Asante said the notion that politicians were the only corrupt group of people in the country was misleading.

Though admitting that the political class has its own crop of corrupt officials, he said persons in public and civil service and private institutions could also not be exonerated from the canker.

In his view, the menace can only be contained if all citizens irrespective of which sphere of life they find themselves, help in fighting the threat of corruption including the exposing of corrupt officials.

He said anyone who serves in government should see the opportunity as a privilege to serve their nation instead of taking undue advantage of the system to dupe the state.

“Persons who will give their all in the service of the country will live a long lasting legacy to their glory for generations yet unborn to read about,” he noted.

By Julius Yao Petetsi    

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