Biometric Registration Is To Avoid Fraud—SSNIT

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), has observed that 42 per cent of delays in processing the benefits of their clients is due to the difficulties in verifying and confirming the authenticity of information available to them.

The verification process is part of procedures to avoid fraud or making payment to wrong people.

The Tema Area Manager Mr. Amadu Salia disclosed this at an employers and representatives seminar on Operational Busines Suite (OBS),  a new technology SSNIT is introducing to improve its operational efficiency.

He said by the use of the new technology, which is a biometric registration, it would facilitate quick and easy verification of members, modernise their records and information, update processing and eliminate multiple registration and this would speed up payment of benefits.

He was optimistic that beneficiaries could therefore, be able to receive their claims between five and ten days as processing and registration cycle among others will be drastically reduced.

Mr. Salia also explained that this is mainly aimed at providing superior services delivery to existing and active members and pensioners to update their records, and encouraged all contributors and the general public to subscribe to it.

The Tema Harbour Branch Manager, Mr. David Doh Torkonoo also assured the public that the OBS  will reduce the risk of impersonation as it uses the finger prints of the contributor, and the information recorded on a smart card chip, which therefore makes it difficult to scrap or make changes without consulting SSNIT.

He said the new system would add value to SSNIT’s cards and services, as well as cut down pressure on it’s offices.  It would also reduce waiting time and  called on stakeholders to support SSNIT to improve upon services rendered to them.

He reiterated the need for constant update of the documents of contributors and their employees. From: Dzifa Emma Tetteh, Tema

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