Beach Resort asked to account for stewardship

Ms. Sowah (standing) addressing the meeting..The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Rita Odoley Sowah, has urged managers of La Pleasure Beach Resort, a community-owned facility, has been urged to account for their stewardship to the assembly.

He said: “Since the assembly was established four years ago, it has not seen any developmental project within the community that was embarked upon by the managers of the resort. It is also not known how income from the place is being disbursed”, Ms. Sowah stressed.

She was responding to questions raised by residents on the role of the assembly in the running of the resort, and how the community benefits from the use of the revenue accumulated from the resort, during the third town hall meeting in Accra.

The meeting offered stakeholders, especially residents and partners the opportunity to dialogue with the officials of the assembly on pertinent issues affecting them for prompt attention.

According to Ms. Sowah, an Interim Management Committee (IMC) was formed made up of representatives from the La Traditional Council, La Youth Association and the Ghana Tourist Authority without the representative from the assembly.

“The situation is very alarming because no one knows what actual benefits the community is deriving from the revenue the beach resort makes and this goes against the spirit of corporate social responsibility of every business entity”, she said.

Ms. Sowah said though the assembly was facing infrastructural challenges, it was the first on Greater Accra Region 2015 Performance Contract Assessment Ranking.

On the elections, Ms. Sowah urged Ghanaians to ensure peaceful elections.

Diplomats and dignitaries from La including K. B. Asante, advised the participants, especially the youth, to protect the farm lands.

Ms. Sowah said “stop selling lands meant for farming purposes to estate developers, who are building infrastructure”.

She appealed to the government to return all lands given to the state but was not used for the intended purposes.


By Victor A. Buxton     

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