Be wary of politicians—Presby Moderator cautions pastors

Rev (Dr) Abbey

Rev (Dr) Abbey

Reverend (Dr) Victor Oko Abbey of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has cautioned pastors and ministers of God not to allow themselves to be used as pawns by politicians.
He said the church should be able to stand on its own and speak out without fear or favour when things are going wrong and not kowtow to the dictates of politicians.

“Ministers of God and pastors should not allow themselves to be co-opted by the various governments that come into power for them to speak or praise the government.

“If there is something going wrong, the church should be the prophet for the nation and speak out against things that are going wrong,” Rev Abbey stressed on the sidelines of the 18th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana held at Akropong in the Eastern Region.

It was under the theme: ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’.

Rev (Dr) Abbey lamented the poor governance system in the country which had allowed increasingly, people are entering into politics to enrich themselves not to serve the country.
“The times where people sacrificed for the good of the country have passed and people seem to be more interested in themselves than the overall prosperity of the country which is worrying.

“Ghana is not a poor country but there are many people who are thinking about themselves and not thinking about the nation, I am not really happy with the governance system,” Rev Abbey bemoaned.

Commenting on the double track system government will be introducing in senior high schools, he lauded the Akufo-Addo-led administration for the move however, the government should listen to contributions and criticisms and make moves to address them in order to make the policy a better one.

On the recent merger and dissolution of some indigenous banks by the Bank of Ghana and the alleged involvement of some clergymen, Rev Abbey tasked leadership to apply the laws devoid of discrimination.

“Anyone who in disregard of the law did not execute their mandate as expected by law must not be spared, nobody should be given any preferential treatment, if you have done the wrong thing, you should be dealt with by the law.

“But going forward, all the institutions that have to make sure that the right things are done should make sure they are done, those in charge who are not doing their jobs should be dealt with by the law,” Rev Abbey insisted. –


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