Be truthful to media— PR practitioners told

•  Mr.  Afadzinu

• Mr. Afadzinu

Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu, Vice-President of the Institute of Public Relations Ghana and Head, Marketing and Communications of Stanbic Bank Ghana, has charged practitioners to be truthful in order to build quality personal relationships, a crucial pillar for the profession.

Trust, according to Afadzinu, is a big issue in the work of a public relations (PR) practitioner and must be given much attention.

Speaking at the Global PR Trends Summit recently held in Accra he said, “We have a huge credibility crisis as an entire generation. People don’t believe anything; they don’t believe the government; they don’t believe corporates.”

“We need to be true to ourselves; we need to be real because if ultimately, we ourselves are not persuaded about the veracity of the information we are sharing, then our relationships will be a challenge right from the word go,” he said.

The Global PR Trends Summit is an annual forum designed for senior practitioners to address the critical issues facing the profession.

Held for the first time in West Africa, the 18th annual Global PR Trends Summit analysed the latest challenges and trends in the PR world with special focus on visual PR, content PR, digital PR, crisis communications, CSR and reputation management.

He therefore charged practitioners to remain truthful in their work in order to establish, at a personal level, the reason and the justification for people to believe what PR represents.

Mr. Afadzinu said the advent of social media and citizen journalism had changed the way PR works.

“There is now an avalanche of information and everyone is in a haste to be the first to file the news.Urging practitioners to tap into the right roles and understand the issues of value to people,  it is of extreme importance for professionals to develop an authentic voice that people can rely on,” he said.

The core of a PR practitioner’s job, he said, was how to connect businesses with people at a personal and intimate level and not at a public and distant level.


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