‘Be sincere in election campaign promises’

Sheikh Amin Bonsu

Sheikh Amin Bonsu

The National Chairman of the Ghana Muslim Mission, Sheikh Amen Bonsu, has asked politicians to be sincere and modest in their election campaign promises.
He said they should be truthful to voters and stop raising people’s expectations too high.
Making the call in Kumasi, Sheikh Bonsu said they should not talk about anything they knew could not be done.
Sheikh Bonsu reminded them to focus on issues that bothered on the critical needs of the people, which should all be about message and not insults.
“It is important for everybody to show political maturity through decent conduct and tolerance,” he said.
Sheikh Bonsu noted that it is the path to travel to remove needless tension and safeguard the peace, harmony and security of the nation.
He appealed to the security agencies to be vigilant, act boldly and firmly to bring trouble-makers to justice.
Sheikh Bonsu urged them to send a strong message to everybody that they were not going to get away with lawlessness and impunity.
He reminded the Electoral Commission (EC) to make processes leading to the conduct of the polls transparent to build the confidence of the people in the electoral system.


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