Banku arrested again for assault

Banku-and-wifeUNDEFEATED and opular boxer, Braimah Kamoko, alias Bukom Banku is in the grips of the police for allegedly beating up and injuring people at Bukom in Accra and may face sanctions from the Ghana Boxing Authority after physically assaulting a woman.

He is also alleged to have vandalized properties in the area.

Banku was arrested by the Police after causing a bloody scene when he injured a 65-year-old woman with a broken bottle during the annual ‘Kpashimo’ rites in Bukom.

The boxer was alleged to have had a misunderstanding with the ‘Kpashimo’ entourage after he was notified that they had planned to sing against his fetish wife Ohua Broni.

‘Kpashimo’ is an annual rite by a group of singers in Ga tradition, who every year go round on a procession singing to spite anyone believed to be guilty of a wrongdoing in the year under review.

But Banku, who has been supportive of the practice each year and even joined in the its rites, decided not to allow the ‘Kpashimo’ party to perform their rites this year because they had intended to sing against his fetish priestess wife, Amoah Woyoo known in the fetish realm as Ohua Broni.

The ‘Kpashimo’ entourage would also not budge which resulted in a fracas with Bukom Banku .

After the assault, the victim apparently went to report the case to the Police who went to Bukom Banku’s house to effect his arrest though other sources claim the boxer who first invited the Police to come and help stop the ‘Kpashimo’ singing.

“He has always been part of them, he always joins them on the procession every year and even last year when a certain guy was accused of rape, he was the one who had a small coffin made on which he wrote the accused guy’s name on it and carried along the procession,” a source at Bukom told a website,

Now in Police custody,Banku will face a further sanction from the Ghana Boxing Authority for public assault.

“He [Banku] will face further sanction from the GBA for his actions,” a member of the Ghana Boxing Authority and CEO of the Ambition boxing promotions Alhaji Tawfic told Accra-based Peace Fm.

“It is against the rules of the Association for a boxer to fight or assault anyone in public, so he will surely be punished for what he did”.

The case will further be investigated by the Police before a final decision is made.

This is the second time the controversial boxer has been arrested.

He was arrested on November 7 2014, for allegedly assaulting one Richmond Armah, a 28-year-old footballer.

Meanwhile, current West African Light Heavyweight champion Michael Ayittey Powers says he is not ready to hang his gloves and will only do so when he is 45 years old.

The 34 year old Powers burst onto the boxing scene when he was named in Ghana’s All African Games Amateur boxing team that went to Morocco in 2004.

Although the tough talking boxer cum comedian is yet to fulfill his long time dream of winning a world title after an erratic boxing career, the Mamprobi-born boxer says he will only hang his gloves when he is 45 years old.

“I don’t know what I will do if I retire from boxing, who people will take care of my family and myself, so for me I want to become like Hopkins”.

“I want to stop fighting when I am 45 years old, at that time I will know my body won’t give me the chance to fight again because I will be weak”.

“Boxing is what I eat and what I want to do on any day, but before I retire I will win the world title because that is what I have been told by men of God”.

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