Ban import of inferior cement –CEO Dangote Cement

Using inferior cement could lead to the collapsed of building

Using inferior cement could lead to the collapsed of building

The Chief Executive Officer of Dangote Cement Ghana Limited,  Tor  Nygard,  has  appealed to the government to ban the importation of cheap and inferior  cement  brands  from

China  to  protect  the  local  cement industry.

According to Mr Nygard, the cement  industry, which employs thousands of Ghanaians and generates huge sums of  revenue  for the government in terms of taxes,could meet the local demand and generate  more  revenue  for  the state when given the support.

Interacting with reporters at a media tour at the company’s office at Tema  last Friday, Mr. Nygard

said the local cement industry was struggling  to  compete  with  importers of cheap and inferior cement brands who pay very  little duties on their imports.

Like  the  textile  industry,  he said a ban on  the  importation of inferior cement would create the opportunity for  the  local cement manufacturing companies  to expand, create more jobs, and support  the growth of  the Ghanaian economy.

He  said  Dangote  Cement alone had created over 700  jobs for Ghanaians and, last year, paid GHȼ75.5 million  in  taxes  to  the government.

In the first quarter of this year,he  said  the  company  had  paid about GHȼ37 million taxes to the government  and  was  in  the process of  recruiting over 1,000 drivers.

“We  are  in  the  process  of adding 1,000  trucks  to our fleet.

The trucks will arrive in the next six weeks,” he said and added that the move would  create  jobs  for over 1,000 drivers.

Mr. Nygard indicated that the company would soon establish another  plant  at  Takoradi  in  the Western  Region  and  expand  its operations  to  the  western  and northern part of the country.

He  said  Dangote  Cement Ghana Limited had plans  to  extend its operations to neighbouring West African  countries  and indicated that when given the necessary protection from the inferior Chinese cement, other players in the  industry  could  expand  their business  at  a  fast  pace,  create more employment and support the economy.

The Marketing Manager of the company,  Samuel  Alboo,  supported the call for a ban on the importation of inferior cement from China and argued that the Chinese brands were heavily polluted and affected the quality of buildings.

“If we do not ban these inferior imports, the growth of the industry will be affected.

We should not wait and allow what happened to the textile industry to happen to the cement industry before we ban  such imports,” he said.

He  said despite  the competition  from  the  inferior  products,

Dangote Cement had been able to compete since it was incorporated about five years ago and had embarked on several corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

He indicated that the company had supported the military, police, and helped renovate a number of schools in deprived communities.

By Yaw Kyei

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